Prep & Maintain

Preparing for your tan
  • Do all shaving or waxing 24 hours before your tanning appointment.

  • Exfoliate preferably a few hours before your tan appointment, removing all left over tan and dead flakey skin. If your skin is very dry use a very  thin light moisturiser or watery hydrating gel on the dryer areas.

  • Do not to apply any oil based moisturisers, deodorants or other products that could create a barrier for your new tan on the day of your tan appointment.

  • Wear loose dark clothing. A disposable G string or cap will be provided if necessary.

  • Tan cocktailing is when you combine tanning and spending a short time in weak sunlight to help accelerate the Melanine production in your skin. Spending 15-20mins in early morning or late afternoon Sun before your tan appointment is recommended. However, do NOT allow your skin to burn.

Maintaining your tan
  • When the time comes to wash off your tan, rinse lightly with cool/warm water only (not too hot). Don't spend too long in the shower or overwash, very quick wash.  No soaps, scrubs, shower sponges just a very light and gentle wash.

  • Moisturise well within the shower while skin is still moist and warm. When you get out of the shower pat dry with a towel and wear loose clothing if possible.

  • Remember the DHA in most tans continues to develop over 24 hours, so only then will you see the full/true colour of the tan even though you are likely to wash off within a few hours after application. Because the tan is still developing and is still delicate don't do any shaving, waxing, heavy sweating, swimming or exfoliating within the first 24 hours of tan application to allow tan to fully develop properly.

  • Be sure to moisturise daily in or after shower as this will ensure that your tan develops naturally and fades evenly.

Carla can advise on tanning prep and extender products for exfoliating, cleaning, moisturising, maintaining and extending your tan if needed. Taking good care of your tan can extend the life of your tan for up to an extra 3 days.

Note: If you intend to go out in the sun within the first 24 hours after a tan application be sure to wear a 50+spf sunscreen as your skin may be more likely to burn within those first 24 hours while the tan is still developing. :-)